It turns out that we grown-ups aren't the only avid bookworms on the block! Our children are readaholics too, and share their reviews via this site. 

Agent F

Agent F is Nick's son and he loves nothing more than a wildly inventive, adventurous book. However, he loves trying out new things and is open to fiction of all kinds. 

Agent D1

Agent D1 is Lucy's eldest son and is never happier than when browsing Waterstones or the library. He loves fantasy and comedy, the more outlandish the better. 

Agent D2

Agent D2 is Lucy's youngest son, who is our fact-book man. He loves non-fiction, but that's not to say he won't be won over by a well-told, intriguing piece of fiction. He also likes graphic novels. 

If you'd like our agents to review your book, get in touch by contacting Lucy on her official business email (ooh-er!) -, or Nick on his nice, casual address - Our intrepid young reviewers are open to most things, as long as it's not offensive or non-age appropriate (from 8-14 roughly!) Please note, all their reviews are 100% genuine, so a positive one cannot be guaranteed (though like the adults, they're usually kind!). 

ADDITIONAL NOTE - Due to being so swamped with review requests, we're now unable to answer each one, sorry about that! Unfortunately, we just don't have enough hours in the day to reply to them all. However, if we're available to review, we'll be in touch promptly, so do keep asking us! 


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