Dragula - Ma'am Stoker

September 24, 2018

4 / 5 Stars 


Serving up some vampish realness - comic and rather silly!

Okay, so first thing's first; THAT FRONT COVER. That's what pulled me in, and I maintain it's one of the most fun front covers I've seen in a long time. Love it. 



It also very much sets the tone for the frivolity that lies within. Count Dragula is (you guessed it) no basic b*tch; instead she's Transylvania's ex-VAMPageant winner. Until her dastardly ex-friend Van High Heelsing stole the title from her, that is. 

Spying a photo of Mina's cousin Lukie (those cheekbones!) Dragula decides to head to Whitby to get another convert for his come-back. Will Lukie steal the show and crush Van High Heelsing into the ground? You'll have to read and see!

Firstly, be aware that this book is really a novella, not a book. However, it's such a lighthearted, gorgeously superficial tome that you wouldn't want it to be any longer. Also, if you don't like drag queens, then stay well away. This is all about drag culture, winched slightly inelegantly into the Dracula plot. I personally adore drag, so I enjoyed this aspect a lot.

Yes, it is silly (come on, what do you expect?). Yes, there are a few moments when it just became out-and-out ridiculous. But it's a whole lot of fun and the wolves howling 'ooooh gurl' made me laugh out loud. 

A good laugh, and a nice easy read if you're looking for something non-serious to chuckle over. Yes, folks - the lord of darkness has been made light! Now, if you don't like that, I'm afraid you're going to have to sashay away...

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